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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

3D-Brush v.2.06 now out!

The list of features:

1) Preview in fill tool. The new realtime preview in fill tool.
2) Fill the material of objec. Now you can fill the material of object with the fill pattern.
3) Fill the sub-object. You can fill the sub-object with the fill pattern.
4) Gradient filling. You can use gradient filling in fill tool in much more intuitive way.
5) Cavity painting mode.
6) Hew/saturation/lightness dialog now works with preview, the action can be limited by object/material
7) Grids and snap to grid.
8) Environment mapping. The model could be viewed with environment mapping
9) Curves tool. The spacing in curves tool has become more correct, so that points are placed uniformly over the closed curve:
10) New arrows. Several new arrows types in curve tool:
11) Manual updated.
12) Many minor bugs fixed.

Visit topic on forum for details.

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