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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Attention! New Price!

3D-Brush Software Full Professional version is available at 85$ now!
The price is valid for a period lasting until the 30th of November.

Release of 3D-Brush 2.01

We are glad to inform you that 3D-Brush 2.01 has been released!

06.11.07 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.01

The list of changes (in comparison with 2.00):
1) Adaptive subdivision. A very important change - now every poly is subdivided individually in dependence of its proportions. It solves the problem of long polys. Usually in all sculpting programs edges are divided in two parts, so it is difficult to deal with long polys. As opposed to this common approach 3D-Brush now subdivides the polys in any proportion - for example 7:234.
2) LWO import/export integrated. You can import/export objects with several textures and layers. The nodes structure will be preserved during the import/export. While doing the LWO export 3D-Brush creates the corresponding nodes structure for normal mapping, so as to make the object ready to rendering straight after export.
3) Offset tool has been implemented. It allows you to edit tiled textures and draw bump and specular over it. To use this tool you should load object plane1x1.obj.
4) Navigation icons got implemented.
5) Light source adjusting. Now you can adjust light source properties in a very easy way. You can change light source position and brightness.
6) Hints system.The hints system has been improved - now you will see hints everywhere, on almost every button. This makes the program much more user-friendly and easy-to-use.
7) Less quality of shaders option. There is a new option "less quality of shaders" available. It will allow to increasing the 3D-Brush performance on lower-end computers.
8) Loading without smoothing. The loading without smoothing is improved, now it allows editing non-organic models without distortion. You will get the correct normalmap and displacement at output.
9) Auto-mapping is totally rewritten, now it is more correct and faster.
10) New pen option. A new pen option - spacing has been implemented. It will help in painting different tracks.
11) Hide tool. In the hide tool you can hide/show the closed object with doubleclick now.
12) "Pressure on colour dependence". The "Pressure on colour dependence" option is now in top panel. It is convenient because if you change this option and then forget it, you will not understand why the pen stopped painting.
13) Program performance. Many bugs and inconveniences got fixed, the program performance and stability have been improved.
14) Autosaving your work in case when program feels instability function got implemented.
15) Backfacing while painting got improved, some bugs with backfacing have been fixed.

Thank to all our customers for the support! 80 peoples have purchased 3D-Brush during the discount period (10 peoples have bought it today). We are thankful to all of you! Your support allows us to continue the hard work on many great improvements. Expect 3D-Brush to grow in functionality every month.

Also we decided to increase the product price slowly. So we have not reverted to the initial price declared ($210). Until the end of November the price will remain on the level of $85.