3D-Coat News

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3D-Brush 2.04 has been released!

The list of new features:
1) Texture baking tool - possibility to project current mesh on another one with completely different topology and get textures of normals, color and specular.
2) Importing normalmap. It does not displaces a geometry, but creates a new layer with corresponding blending. It allows you to add details on already existing normalmap.
3) Smooth stroke - it allows you to make smooth and accurate strokes.
4) Camera/materials shortcuts.
5) Lock absolute depth. Possibility to lock absolute depth independently on radius using lock icon in top panel
6) Lock screen radius of the pen. Possibility to lock screen radius of the pen.
7) Redo. Redo is done
8) Layers menu. Layers menu is reorganised, it is much more convenient now
9) Undo. Undo works now for merge up/down, merge visible, delete layer
10) Presets window. Presets window works well with folders, it switches pen/strip/material folder if need.
11) Filter for drawing. Additional filter for drawing - pen pressure can depend on layer displacement.
12) Filters. Several filters - smooth/sharpen layer, adjust hew/saturation/lightness of the layer.
13) New user manual. New user manual, pdf and chm formats
14) Add entire folder with pens
15) Navigation with pen. Navigation with pen is improved, you can pan using LMB+RMB

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Price for January

3D-Brush Software Full Professional version is available at 79$ now!
The price is valid for a period lasting until the 31th of January.