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Saturday, May 17, 2008

MacOS porting progress

3D-Coat 2.09 is done, now next step - combine 3DC with new graphical engine (that is partially used now). With this engine 3DC will support OpenGL/DirectX render and will be cross-platform. It will be big step to make 3DC compartible with MacOS. I hope we will make all in term that I have told in our forum.

3D-Coat 2.09 released!

Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

3D-Coat 2.08 released!

Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

New price!

3D-Coat Software Full Professional version is available at $89 - Educational License and 120$ Full Professional License

Visit Buy now page for details.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


3D-Brush Software Full Professional version is available at 89$ till 31th of March. Since 1 April there will be two different Licences: Educational License at 89$ and Full Professional License at 120$.

3D-Brush renamed to 3D-Coat. Version 2.07 released!

Here comes the first news: 3D-Bush has got new name - 3D-Coat. We decided to go for a more distinctive and unique name of the program, while preserving the descriptive nature in its title. Coat means "to cover something with a layer of a particular substance" so it well fits what 3D-Brush does. The short name is therefore 3DC.

Another good news is that 3D-Coat v.2.07 is now released! Of cause, all users who have purchased 3D-Brush will get 3D-Coat without any additional payment and without the serial number change.

2.07 has been a very big chunk of work accomplished. Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Price!

3D-Brush Software Full Professional version is available at 89$ now!
The price is valid for a period lasting until the 15th of March .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

3D-Brush v.2.06 now out!

The list of features:

1) Preview in fill tool. The new realtime preview in fill tool.
2) Fill the material of objec. Now you can fill the material of object with the fill pattern.
3) Fill the sub-object. You can fill the sub-object with the fill pattern.
4) Gradient filling. You can use gradient filling in fill tool in much more intuitive way.
5) Cavity painting mode.
6) Hew/saturation/lightness dialog now works with preview, the action can be limited by object/material
7) Grids and snap to grid.
8) Environment mapping. The model could be viewed with environment mapping
9) Curves tool. The spacing in curves tool has become more correct, so that points are placed uniformly over the closed curve:
10) New arrows. Several new arrows types in curve tool:
11) Manual updated.
12) Many minor bugs fixed.

Visit topic on forum for details.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3D-Brush 2.05 has been released!

The list of new features:
1) Adaptive geometry: now geometry will be additionaly automatically subdivided during edit process in dependence of details to get well displaced surface. It is very new and algoritmically very complex feature.
2) You can import big meshes now, up to 700 K. Many optimisatons was done to make it possible.
3) Initial subdivision. You can alter level of initial subdivision during mesh import. Now you can specify mid-poly mesh resolution.
4) New measure tool, you can measure distance in most common units - meters, inches, yards, miles, etc. Also the coordinate of picked point is printed in the right bottom corner.
5) Custom material mapping. New method of custom material mapping in custom fill pattern - mapping over existing uv-set. It allows to paing clothes in more easy way.
6) Masks are implemented. The mask is modulator for pen depth and transparency. The mask and materials could be moved and rotated independently using new navigation controls.
7) Masks and materials could be rotated discretely on 45 degrees using SHIFT.
8) Many stability improvements.
9) New interface style. Interface looks now more clear and sharp.
10) jpg export is correct now.

Curves changes:
11) Square forms. Some curve points could be marked as sharp. So you can make square forms in easy way.
12) Whole curve could be moved/scaled/rotated using new navigation controls.
13) Curve can be closed.
13) Arrows. You can draw arrows in easy way.
14) New curve drawing mode - spacing mode. Points will be set along curve with some spacing and jittering. It allows to make new effects with cirves.
15) Curves will be drawn correctly, even if knot points are far from each other and surface between them is curved much.

Layers changes:
16) Layers masking (linking) is implemented. One layer can mask another layer in non-destructive way.
17) Freeze. You can freeze the transparent or painted area of the layer. In this way you can use layer's transparency to paint selectively on another layers. It is like CTRL+click on layer in Photoshop. You can use CTRL+click on layer in 3DB now.

Visit topic on forum for details.

To download 3d-brush 2.05 visit Download page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3D-Brush 2.04 has been released!

The list of new features:
1) Texture baking tool - possibility to project current mesh on another one with completely different topology and get textures of normals, color and specular.
2) Importing normalmap. It does not displaces a geometry, but creates a new layer with corresponding blending. It allows you to add details on already existing normalmap.
3) Smooth stroke - it allows you to make smooth and accurate strokes.
4) Camera/materials shortcuts.
5) Lock absolute depth. Possibility to lock absolute depth independently on radius using lock icon in top panel
6) Lock screen radius of the pen. Possibility to lock screen radius of the pen.
7) Redo. Redo is done
8) Layers menu. Layers menu is reorganised, it is much more convenient now
9) Undo. Undo works now for merge up/down, merge visible, delete layer
10) Presets window. Presets window works well with folders, it switches pen/strip/material folder if need.
11) Filter for drawing. Additional filter for drawing - pen pressure can depend on layer displacement.
12) Filters. Several filters - smooth/sharpen layer, adjust hew/saturation/lightness of the layer.
13) New user manual. New user manual, pdf and chm formats
14) Add entire folder with pens
15) Navigation with pen. Navigation with pen is improved, you can pan using LMB+RMB

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Price for January

3D-Brush Software Full Professional version is available at 79$ now!
The price is valid for a period lasting until the 31th of January.