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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3D-Brush renamed to 3D-Coat. Version 2.07 released!

Here comes the first news: 3D-Bush has got new name - 3D-Coat. We decided to go for a more distinctive and unique name of the program, while preserving the descriptive nature in its title. Coat means "to cover something with a layer of a particular substance" so it well fits what 3D-Brush does. The short name is therefore 3DC.

Another good news is that 3D-Coat v.2.07 is now released! Of cause, all users who have purchased 3D-Brush will get 3D-Coat without any additional payment and without the serial number change.

2.07 has been a very big chunk of work accomplished. Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

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