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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

3D-Brush 2.03 has been released!

25.12.07 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.03

The list of new features:

1) 3D-Brush now supports 3D-Mouse! This device could be used not only to navigate, but also to vary radius/ depth/ opacity/ rotation/ focal shift/ specular.
2) FBX import was done. It is important because it stores properly the smoothing groups.
3) Draw with multiple random pens - use CTRL to select several pens.
4) Presets window. The new important feature - presets window. You can store there full state of pen shape/ radius/ depth/ strip shape/ material/ filler/ color/ smooth and restore that settings any time by one click. It can speed up work much.
5) Export low-poly meshes with original positions of vertices. It is mostly important for users who use Auto-mapping.
6) Pen sensitivity slider in options.
7) The new navigation bar is implemented, it can be useful for those peoples who use pen.
8) New user manual!
9) Stability improvements.
10) New pens. Several new pens.

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