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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Release of 3D-Brush 2.02

3D-Brush 2.02 has been released!

The list of changes (in comparison with 2.01):
1) Unwrapping tool. New unwrapping tool, now it is wery easy to create uv-set for the model.
2) Topological symmetry is implemented. You should define two symmetrical faces to define this symmetry. After that you can flip layers with symmetry or copy the layer to the opposite side.
3) LWO files can be used like brushes.
4) 5 types of color pickers are implemented - all of them are movable and resizable.
5) Stability improvements, many bug fixes.
6) Focal shift slider implemented.
7) Flipping sliders on top panel (Focal depth & smooth degree are also there now).
8) Storing last folders.
9) Custom fill patterns. Now you can make your own custom fill patterns in Fill tool. They will be applied with cube mapping with soft edges. It allows to make seamless cube mapping.
10) Cube mapping improved (in materials menu): preview during texture moving is now very convinient, cube mapping becomes seamless.
11) Clone tool and Sculpt tool now uses alpha even if it is not round.
12) Window position. 3DB stores window position.
13) Drawing performance improved.
14) Hue variation is add to color change tool.
15) Picking top layer. You can pick top layer by pressing 'H'.
16) Navigation with pen improved (it was difficult to navigate with pen).

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